Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chief Justice begs for job

[Iowa Chief Justice Marsha] Ternus and the other justices have said they will not engage in a campaign to retain their seats and they are not raising money to fund such a campaign. But Ternus is speaking around the state in defense of the court, saying opposition to retention based on a single ruling sets a dangerous precedent.

Targeted chief justice speaks out
In an effort to save her job Marsh (Par-tay) Ternus campaigns for her job while telling everyone she isn't campaigning for her job.
“I do not suggest that Iowans cannot vote their minds in the retention election. … I simply suggest that voters reflect on the wisdom of using the retention election as a referendum on a particular court decision,” Ternus said.
I'm voting NO because I always attempt to get every judge out of there. I'm against the idea that judges have a lifetime appointment.

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