Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Islamist history lesson and why they repeat themselves

Alvie recounts some of the suicide bombings that Islamic terrorists perpetrated against the West.
This high degree of tolerance and restraint has been a green light for power junkies in Washington to strip you of property and liberty. After all, if you'll accept withdrawing in the face of the enemy, then you'll surely accept the 1986 Firearms Act, or Ruby Ridge, or Waco, or Kelo, or TSA, or full-body scans, or outlawing the incandescent light bulb, or stealing several trillion dollars through the mortgage and foreclosure mess, or stealing several billion dollars from Chrysler's secured debt holders, or government takeover of student loans, or government takeover of healthcare, or raiding a family farm for the heinous sin of consuming and selling unpastuerized milk and cheese, or taking newborns away from those who hold inconvenient political opinions.

We are at The Cliffs of Insanity. Which way are you facing?
Something to think about.

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