Friday, October 15, 2010

Iowa City police catch armed robber

Good job and a win for our side as Iowa City police nab an armed robber.

But I can't give them all the credit because I don't think the guy planned his crime out very well. He used public transportation as his escape method.


A couple of things stand out.

First, he had to travel to Chicago to get his revolver of choice. I thought Chi-town was a tough place to purchase a firearm. But I guess all of that changed with the McDonald ruling. Why didn't he go to a gun show, we've had a couple in the area in September?

Secondly, the crook told investigators that "he just got out of prison in Minnesota for attempted murder earlier this summer." And
"He's been incarcerated three times for armed robbery," Iowa City Police Sgt. Denise Brotherton said. "During one, he shot the employee."
Could someone please explain why he was out among the public?

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