Saturday, October 23, 2010

SF2379 Q & A from the Department of Public Safety

SF 2379 of 2010, Frequently Asked Questions / Answers
(PDF format)

Regarding Administrative Rules of the Iowa Department of Public Safety:
The Iowa Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 17A of the Code of Iowa, provides for the promulgation of administrative rules by state agencies. Administrative rules amplify, clarify, and implement statutory language found in the Code of Iowa. Administrative rules carry the force of law, and are codified in the Iowa Administrative Code.

The Iowa Administrative Code is organized by issuing agency and each agency has an identifying number to uniquely label its rules. The Iowa Department of Public Safety's identifying number is 661. Consequently, Chapter 121 of the Department's administrative rules can be cited as "661 IAC Chapter 122."
Emphasis mine.

As stated in the first document, the rules have not been released yet.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I have read through the law a few times, and I don't see any way that I can qualify for a non-professional permit as a non-resident. We will just have to wait for the rule making process to be completed, and figure out the details then. I have been involved in Ad-Rules related to forestry in Illinois, and the process can take a very long time. Most people do not watch the rule making process, but it is nearly as important as law making, and it is done by unelected people working on committees. It pays to watch what they do.

strandediniowa said...

That's what I read, too. Although you could get a professional permit but it seems only valid during one's employment duties, such as a security guard.

Some states offer out-of-state residents permits and if one of those state permits are accepted in Iowa - that might be a solution.

The best solution would be to divorce yourselves from Chicago and secede. States have split off before (West Virgina).