Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The poor need not apply

Kurt Hofmann provides the history for the BATFE decision for banning re-importation of M1 Garand and Carbines from South Korea:

Because it would drive the price down.

David Codrea has more details regarding the ban as a "public threat."

Knowing the relative history that could be a part of a historical firearm always affects me.

But not with girly-mamby-boy fear.

Rifles of of the kind once carried by one in defense of his country has always caused me to pause to remember the solder, sailor or marine that might fired said weapon at his enemy.

If for that one moment to honor them in remembrance, it is the least I could do.

I suspect that there are some among us who collect historical arms who are rejoicing at this ruling. It would seem that the value of their collections just went up.

But if these arms are such a threat to public safety that we can't have them imported into the country for the rest of us, how long before the ATF agents come knocking on their doors?

Because that collection is a "threat to public safety."

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