Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are we just sheep?

Last night a man was beaten within feet of a Cedar Rapids police substation. An unmanned substation. For whatever reason, no one was there and this individuals (among others) are complaining and asking for more resources.
It’s difficult to notice the Cedar Rapids Police Department's Substation right on the corner of First Avenue and 15th street. There are no lights on at night and there are no uniformed officers sitting out front. James King says that's a problem.

"I hurt, I really do hurt."

James King isn't standing as straight as he'd like. He says two young men beat him up last night as he was walking home. While what happened is bad enough, where it happened is even worse.

"Fifteen feet from the police annex building, maybe even ten feet from it,” said King.

Cedar Rapids Man Attacked Near Police Sub Station

With the typical response is that this situation is caused by money constraints. Which is probably true. But the bleating calls for more "protection" may result in unintended consequences.

We citizens have delegated our powers to local police so that they can perform duties in our names.

We should not abdicate our responsibilities for our own protection to them. Otherwise, we become sheep. And sheep are among the dumbest animals on earth.

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