Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gun show politics

Saturday's gun show in Cedar Rapids didn't bring many surprises although I found a couple of near bargains. I wasn't there for purchasing items, but to talk to people. Vendors were still a little high on prices, but the talk was on the future. Concerns over near-term business and the next arbitrary rulings by the ATF. One vendor relayed that he had multiple answers to the same question from different ATF agents. The risks of an FFL.

Two candidates for the 2nd congressional district in Iowa were on hand. I admit that I haven't gotten involved because I live in the 3rd district, but I got a chance to talk with Rob Gettemy, a Marion businessman and entrepreneur, who posted a short video of support of the 2nd Amendment yesterday. I didn't see the video until today, so I hadn't a chance to ask him of the dichotomy regarding a permission to exercise a right and freedom.

I had more time with Christopher Reed who had favorable ratings from Gun Owners of America in 2008 in his failed campaign to unseat our Sen Harkin. We spoke about our concerns that both the 2nd and 3rd district primaries may have to go to convention where 600 people get to decide who runs. If no one get 35%+, that is where it would end up.

I remarked to Mr Reed of my misgivings of Mariannette Miller-Meeks who was at the gun show today (according to her "tweet"). She has been endorsed by the Iowa city Press Citizen as the best Republican choice to run against the Democrat incumbent Dave Loebsack. The paper will endorse Loebsack in the fall anyway.

The fourth Republican candidate in the 2nd district is Steve Rathje

The Libertarian candidate is Gary Sicard and of course, the Democrat is Dave Loebsack (whose comments on Fiscal Responsibility I find disingenuous at best).

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