Monday, June 28, 2010

Iowa Republican recap

Steve over at Iowa Freedom Report offers up a detailed report of the happenings at the Republican convention in Des Moines.

A resolution among the state plank (which is usually ignored):
An addition to a gun rights plank adding the Kent Sorenson/Iowa Gun Owners/Campaign for Liberty “Vermont Carry” resolution sailed through with people falling over themselves rushing the mic to speak in favor of it.
This seems funny since several Republicans in the statehouse were avoiding this bill in favor of the IowaCarry bill which goes into effect January 2011. A change of heart, or finger in the wind? Who knows?

Also, regarding people Steve calls "freedom candidates":
The most notable of our freedom candidates were in attendance. Kent Sorenson was literally everywhere, as someone had printed out his endorsement of Kim Reynolds for Lieutenant Governor and taped it to the back of every chair. Glenn Massie attended both the Friday fundraiser and today’s convention while James Mills headed back to catch a parade. Iowa Freedom Report is about principles and not just beating one team or the other, so we didn’t have a great winning streak with our primary endorsements but we did get to catch up with our lone win, recommended candidate Tom Shaw in HD-8 (he’s a fan of Iowa Freedom Report too). We’ll do our best to let the movement know more about him ahead of his general election where he’ll have a fighting chance to take over a seat from a retiring Democrat.
I met Tom Shaw at the Iowa Gun Owners' Rally last week where he was handing out copies of the Constitution. We had a very good conversation about his campaign.

Read all of Steve's report at State Republican Convention Re-cap

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