Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rock Island's crime fighting "arsenal"

I guess it doesn't include having a true arsenal. I mean in the home, not the Rock Island Arsenal.
Rock Island will be a safer place to live if its children learn to be better citizens, its neighborhoods are cleaned up thanks to stiffer rules for “slum” property owners, and its police department adds more cameras and other technology to its crime-fighting arsenal.

Those fixes were voted among the most pressing among a host of recommendations delivered in a report to Rock Island aldermen by the 20-member Safer Community Task Force. The task force was created in October 2009 with a goal of reducing crime and negating the perception that Rock Island is a dangerous place.

Task force looks at steps to make Rock Island safer
It doesn't look like any suggestions such as eliminating some of the onerous gun laws in Illinois. How about getting rid of the FOID or allowing citizens to carry a means of self defense?

How many cameras does it take to stop a criminal in the act of committing a crime?

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