Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buyer's remorse at the statehouse

Or, How we voted for the gun bill last year and now regret it.

There is some good fodder in this article. Like:
"We were seduced," said [Sen. Jack] Hatch, one of four senators who voted against the bill. "We were so interested in getting endorsements from this group that we thought it was going to be a political coup, and it turned out to be a coup d'etat."
Never mind that most of the Democrats lost because of outdated ideas and as a backlash against bad legislation that was passed. (Stacy Appel comes to mind)

Crying in the bed wrapped in soiled sheets while your lover is getting dressed is not a pretty sight. And I think many Democrats thought (like the above example) they would gain the trust of the electorate if they would just make love to the NRA.

Good thing we saw through that facade.

Senator Fraise of Ft. Madison obliged us with a "Wild Wild West" quote confusing reality with fiction. He's got a few bills in the works:
Fraise's bill also would require Iowans to qualify on a firing range under the supervision of a certified instructor. This would apply to both new applicants and those renewing permits. Internet firearm training courses wouldn't satisfy the requirement. Anyone who appeals a denial of a weapons permit would have to pay the appeal costs, Fraise's bill says.
Maybe he has a point. The earlier post of a Wisconsin teacher's poster comes to mind.

If there was some way of certifying teachers, lawyers, hair dressers, gun owners...

The world would be a safe and happy place.

At the base of these hackneyed piss-pot senators is that they regret having a bill passed that let the citizens have a little more freedom, a bit more porridge from our keepers.

Those of use who had been humiliated by a pompous county sheriff on a power trip as they denied permit after permit because "no one needs to carry", all the while packing heat themselves, know what it's like to have to ask permission to exercise a basic human right of self defense.

Fraise's attempt to make a citizen pay again to fight for a denial appeal smacks of contempt for citizens' rights. We sent people to the statehouse to not be "reasonable" with you. We sent them to the statehouse to not compromise.

Don't ask us to be "reasonable" either. We got tired of that in the last election and booted most of you out.

We can boot the rest of you out next time.

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