Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is 'no retreat' gun law needed?

Jennifer Jacobs asks that question at the Des Moines Register.

I suppose if someone is coming after me or mine, I'm supposed to bend over and take it, Jennifer?

Oh, and talking about crazy:
"It's just absolutely crazy," said Brian Malte, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence. "It's a license to just start shooting in public. You're basically giving permission to shoot almost anyone and shoot in the public arena and possibly kill or injure an innocent bystander."
This panty-waist would rather a victim be assaulted, raped or murdered with no opportunity to protect themselves.

His advice would be to run away:

Remember, according to the Brady bunch, handling a firearm magically transforms a person into a cold-blooded killer.

Run away.

(Update) Jim jumped on this before me and added his analysis.

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