Monday, February 7, 2011

Leftist voices in Iowa taking the Legislature to task

In an obscure Iowa newspaper. Which begs the question of how and why do I find these people?

Clara Oleson asks: Where is the honor in Iowa legislature? in a Op Ed.
All week we witnessed the arrogance of a business controlled Iowa House of Representatives and Executive Branch
Ignoring the arrogance of Sen Gronstal, are we?
This week you had to look at CNN and the streets of Cairo, not the back rooms of Des Moines, to find honorable folk of fervor and belief.

Comparing and contrasting the citizen filled streets of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez this week with the screaming white males lined up at last year’s Health Care Forum around Iowa is also enlightening.
The noble protester in a country that will probably end up installing another tin-pot dictator to replace the current corrupt dictator, versus screaming angry white males and their implied racism.

Not only are we angry, but we are a bunch of cry-babies:
To create this juxtaposition is to expose the juvenile character of the rage of tea party Americans. Juvenile because of their petulance, of their insisting on their toys, i.e. guns, of their individualism gone amuck, of their lack of collective responsibility. My American brothers were enraged, but uninformed; enraged with selfishness.
She reinforces that with:
Throwing a tantrum in the nursery versus going “into the street” to demand democracy.
That's what we are, a bunch of cry-babies who demand their money back from the government; demand that the state and federal government leave us alone; little children who demand their toys (guns) in order to protect ourselves.

But Mizz. Oleson who is much more educated than the angry white males of the state, because we are uninformed little tykes and need her highly educated guidance.

How could we ever get along without her or her kind?

Who is Clara Oleson (the letter didn't tell us)?

Is she the woman who wrote a book on how to study for a drug test? (Listed as a program consultant in the Division of Continuing Education and adjunct assistant professor, College of Public Health, University of Iowa) A search of produced no results, so I guess she retired?

Looks like she blogged for Obama as an Iowa activist where she asked the all-important question of, "God, what was his marriage proposal to Michelle like?"

A little idol worshiping going on there? Sounds a little juvenile to me.

But then she is also:
My name is Clara Oleson. I'm a national board member of the Alliance for Democracy, which is to the left of Lyndon LaRouche...
Obama isn't her only elected official she seems to admire. Dave Loebsack makes her proud, too.

Seems like she lost an election to the state legislature in 2006 to Kent Kaufmann. 62% to 38% - ouch.

A woman whose fascination with all things leftist, would probably never understand the ideas of smaller, less intrusive government. A search of her written work suggests an obsession with the labor unions and the collective mentality. Individualism may not even be in her vocabulary.

But since she was on the University of Iowa faculty and is an Iowa activist, it's obvious she is smarter than myself.

I'll console myself after my daily tantrum, Clara.


Ben said...

You just doubled the readership of the West Branch Times for today.

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