Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gun Ban Tuesday, 2/1/11

Bellevue bans guns in city buildings, parks

Muscatine broached the subject:
At the Jan. 20 Muscatine City Council meeting, City Administrator Gregg Mandsager raised the subject of banning firearms on city property, asking City Council members if they wanted to broach the subject.

The Council’s response? Silence, other than council member Phil Fitzgerald, who suggested the item be filed in the recycle bin.
I missed Tama and Butler counties from an earlier link along with Jesup, Elk Run Heights, Dunkerton, Tripoli and Lamont.

(Update) Sean McClanahan passed on a couple more this evening:
Shelby County passed a ban on the 25th.

Buena Vista County rejected a ban 5-0. (will post link as soon as I can find it)

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