Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sheriff friendly offers tips for those with permits

After some initial lamentations regarding the new permit process:
Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl reported that there are now 654 residents with gun permits. Prior to Jan. 1 and the revised law, only 84 Lee County residents held per- mits. Sholl says he believes the revised law is the sole reason for the increase in permit applications.

“You’ll never convince me that there were 500 some people denied permits by any sheriff here,”Sholl said. “It’s just so easy to get one, and there has been so much publicity on it that it piqued their interest.”
Could it be that many county residents gave up from trying? Why waste the time and money if the sheriff will deny your application?

And because mere citizens aren't capable of handling a weapon, the remark:
“One of my deputies said it best, and I stole the line from him — if you go get a driver’s license you have to show you know how to drive, but now you can get a gun permit and not show you know how to shoot,” Sholl said.
Read more advice at: Law enforcement officials offer suggestions for weapon carry

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KurtP said...

But you don't need the Sheriffs permission to buy a car- nor do you need a license to be able to drive that car.