Monday, January 17, 2011

Aaron Zelman memorial page at JPFO

If America remains a free nation, the name of Aaron Zelman will be honored in the highest ranks. For Aaron, a love of G-d and a love of freedom were inextricably blended. Aaron’s fervent embrace of liberty, his deep and introspective nature, his remarkable intelligence, his unyielding conscience, and his compassionate wisdom, made him a man amongst men.
This begins the current front page of JPFO, Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, a tribute to a man who was unconventional and did not fit the mold that one might expect.

I never met Mr Zelman, but wish I had. As a firm supporter of JPFO for over 12 years, I've read his writings and viewed his documentaries, and introduced both Jew and Gentile to him and his organization.

The world is a lesser place because of his early departure.

A memorial has been established in his honor, if you are so inclined.

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