Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More hoplophobia, channeling our founders intent

Or not...
The most advanced weapon at that time was a muzzle-loaded flint-lock musket. No one in 1791, not even the eminent and perspicacious authors of the Second Amendment, had in mind the weapons available today. Had they thought of such weapons, they would have been invented.

Guest column: The framers never figured on right to bear a Glock
What about the privately owned and armed merchant ships during that time? I doubt very much they used pea shooters.

Here's a swivel gun that would have been more powerful than the meager flintlock carried by troops afield. Merchant ships carried those. Ships privately owned.

Notice the high-brow sneering this guy is spewing, especially using the word "perspicacious". An archaic word for shrewd or perceptive.

Thanks for showing off your vast intellectual skills. It's too bad you never studied history.

Add to his bed-wetting:
...I can be rather frightened when I see men strutting around carrying rifles and semiautomatic handguns.
I have to ask where in Iowa City, IA, does one find men (obviously real men) "strutting around carrying rifles and semiautomatic handguns?"

So put your fears in the little man-purse you probably strut around with, Mr Small. Because real men don't become frightened at the sight of firearm.

Real women don't either.

I think we have our prime candidate for hoplophobe-of-the-week.

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