Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New law in Illinois

While Iowans celebrate the "shall issue" law, our neighbors across the river were greeted with a new gun law on the books:
Mandatory one- to three-year prison terms now will be required for aggravated weapons convictions of anyone who was at least 18 years old, did not have a valid firearms owner identification card, and who possessed a loaded, uncased firearm. Previously, such suspects could see one to three years in prison and a $25,000 fine.
Would this mean that an adult hunting on his\her own property, carrying a loaded shotgun but having no FOID will be facing a mandatory 1 to 3 years in prison?

Your papers please?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

It probably would not happen through being checked by a Conservation Police Officer, but the individual would definitely be cited for not having a current FOID card. I can think of many ways a person on his on property or in his home could be charged under this law. All it would take would be for someone else in the house to tell the sheriff or State Police that the owner had a gun and they were afraid of that person. Don't let your FOID expire in Illinois.

In Illinois, having a loaded and or improperly cased firearm in your car is "Unlawful Use Of Weapons," a felony, unless you are/were hunting, when it becomes a conservation offense. Always have a current hunting license in Illinois for credibility in case you mistakenly have a round in your gun while traveling.

strandediniowa said...

I was hoping you would share some insight on the FOID in Illinois, Sam. Hopefully the citizens of Illinois will get that changed. As you're well aware, in Iowa, you need a permit to acquire a handgun, but once it expires, you can still keep your gun and your freedom.

Do you need a FOID to purchase ammunition in Illinois?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

We must have a valid FOID to purchase or possess ammo. We have to be very careful about this law, because a family member with no FOID does not want to be stopped by the police if there is even one cartridge loose in the car where it can be seen. Arrests of honest, law-abiding citizens do happen because of this law.

strandediniowa said...

Have you ever thought of seceding from Chicago?

With regards to Iowa's permit system, we should keep what Illinois has to go through in perspective.

You've got it much worse.