Monday, January 24, 2011

Guns make them nervous

OurPosition: Weapons permits should be limited to those who show proficiency in their use
In southeastern Iowa, both Jefferson and Washington county supervisors have passed bans prohibiting guns from county owned buildings, with the exception of police or military. Des Moines County supervisors plan to discuss the issue at a future meeting while the Fort Madison City Council has rejected a similar ban.

Wright County in north central Iowa has passed an ordinance that prohibits the carrying of weapons on or in county facilities, while Buchanan and Clinton counties in eastern Iowa have passed resolutions that prohibit people from carrying or possessing firearms or dangerous weapons in their courthouses, according to the Iowa State Association of Counties website.

Closer to home, the Page County Board of Supervisors recently backed away from passage of a resolution prohibiting people from carrying firearms in the Page County Courthouse.
I think only people who have the proficiency to engage another human being in a logical and coherent conversation should be allowed the tools to communicate.

But that would be agreeing with their elitist position that these few have the right to freedoms like the press, or keep and bear arms.


Ben said...

Show your proficiency before excercising a Constitutional right? Kind of smacks of the old literacy tests before allowing folks to vote in old South. Surely no problems would arise when those tests are administered by people who don't want anybody to carry.

Jeffersonian said...

"limited to those who show proficiency in their use"

So cops shouldn't have guns. I've been saying that for years....

strandediniowa said...

Jefferson, I've personally witnessed the proficiency of a couple of LEOs and based on that, I agree with you.

Ben, your analogy is spot-on. And I'd like to add that paying for the permit likens to the abolished poll-tax. Both are abhorrent to Liberty.