Friday, January 7, 2011

Can local municipalities restrict carrying of guns?

Iowa Attorney General says so.

Assistant Iowa City Attorney Eric Goers says yes.

Ames City Manager Steve Schainker and City Attorney Doug Marek think so. Despite Shainker's quote: "I don’t think anyone is trying to get involved with people’s rights to bear arms."

Police Chief Brian Guy and City Attorney Jeffrey Farwell want an ordinance.

The law: 724.28 Prohibition of regulation by political subdivisions.
A political subdivision of the state shall not enact an ordinance regulating the ownership, possession, legal transfer, lawful transportation, registration, or licensing of firearms when the ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation is otherwise lawful under the laws of this state. An ordinance regulating firearms in violation of this section existing on or after April 5, 1990, is void.
Passing these types of ordinances will certainly do one thing, get lawyers involved.

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