Thursday, January 6, 2011

Police chief's advice: "No Gun" signs

Huxley Police Chief Mark Pote gave out business advice recently to local businesses. WHO TV reports of the perceived fear tactics of the letter:
Police Chief Mark Pote recently sent out a letter to business owners, "advising" them to post signs forbidding weapons. Now he says he wasn't advising them to do anything, even after we read him a copy of the letter we obtained.
From the letter and interview:
"You're encouraging businesses to do this," Reporter Aaron Brilbeck asked. "No not exactly," Pote replied "Only if they want to." Brilbeck then read from the letter: "We are advising any and all business owners to post a nice big unmistakable sign on the outside of the entry way that reads no weapons allowed inside. No weapons beyond this door." "If they don't want weapons allowed," Pote said. "It doesn't say that though," Brilbeck pointed out. "That was my point," Pote replied.
When you use words like "we are advising" and then deny you are giving advice, wouldn't that be less than truthful?

The article indicates that his advice fell on deaf ears.

(Was having trouble with the video last night, hopefully others can view the report.)


Anonymous said...

Oh MY all five businesses will post signs?

The Bar, Dollar General, Casey's, True Value, and the Dairy Queen...did I miss one?

strandediniowa said...

Businesses will follow the money. Walmart will enact whatever corporate policy they have, much like when they stopped selling guns in some of their stores.

Blain's Farm and Fleet in Wisconsin is receiving customer disapproval when one of their stores posted a sign. Wisconsin Gun Owners have done a good job of revealing to Farm and Fleet of who their customers are.

It isn't the job of a local sheriff to be doing this kind of advocacy.

(Still having trouble with the video.)