Thursday, January 13, 2011

More links of chains

With guns so rampant, I think I'll stay home (Is there something in the Indianola water?)

Your 2 Cents' Worth for Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011
"The new law is making my property value go down..."

"Get a grip and leave your testosterone toys at home."

"Did returning us to the Old West seem like a smart idea?"

"Maybe we should agree with the "original intent" constitutional scholars and advocates, especially as it relates to the Second Amendment. Anyone should be allowed to have as many muzzle-loaders and flintlocks as they want. Anything more modern should obviously not be allowed."
Let's ban the internet since that wasn't invented 240 years ago. Or telephones for free speech. Or cars for freedom of travel. Or, or...

Let's be like Europe

And the liberals' liberal, Rekha Basu, only the police should have the firepower. Wishing to have a conversation to take away one's rights? You can negotiate your rights away if both parties allow it.

According to Rekha, only the police should have the large capacity magazines and that mere citizens are not trustworthy enough to own them. David Codrea has put that concept to rest with his "Only Ones" postings.

Loosening gun restrictions is dangerous for Iowa, especially our children.


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