Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is news? The new carry law

The first effective date of the new carry law and news reports abound.

Davenport, Mayor On Iowa's New Gun Law, Looking for a ban

Dubuque, Carry on: Gun holders grow, With a convenient link to permit holder names.

Cedar Rapids, New Weapon-Carry Rules Bring Changes, Signs do magically stop people from carrying weapons, you know.

Lee County had 99 applicants on Jan 3rd.

Sioux City, Changes in effect to new Iowa gun laws
The change to Iowa's gun laws streamlines the process to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. That means law enforcers may ask you one more question if you're pulled over.

"Good afternoon, I am Doug Boetger can I see your driver's license and registration please and by the way do you have a concealed weapons permit yes or no if you do sir or ma'am if you are carrying a weapon on you at this time please if you are don't make a reach for it," Doug Boetger, Assistant Chief Deputy Woodbury County Sheriff's office said.
If one replies "no," the officer will relax, but what if the driver is lying? I guess they think only permit holders will carry in a vehicle. What if a driver is "making a reach" for their wallet? I know it's a tough job to patrol the highways, but I wonder sometimes if policies make sense.

And a "civilized" county supervisor says:
George Boykin, Woodbury Supervisor said," Really not in favor of a civilized society with individuals carrying around concealed weapons."
It doesn't mention whether he's in favor of open carrying.

Long lines in Des Moines, Journalists are so funny:
The new accessory for 2011? A pistol on your hip.

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