Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gun carrying in Scott County, oh my!

A Scott County restaurant patron was nervous in the presence of a firearm when they noticed a couple of other diners carrying openly. They called the sheriff.

In a wonderful article, Wallet, check; keys, check; Handgun, check (cute title) our reporter weaved a story laced with side-splitting humor, like:
If you enter a saloon, looking for the man who shot your pa, you’d better be sober.
Oh, a "wild west" theme without actually writing the phrase.

And advice like:
A firearm permit also affords you the right to carry other weapons, including knives with blades of 5 inches or more, switchblades and stun guns. But you still have to keep your hands to yourself.
Isn't that what a parent would say to their children?

And a final word of caution:
Restaurant tables have been equipped with steak knives since the invention of the cow, and I don’t recall any buffet-line stabbings.

We’ll just have to see how it goes. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra nice to strangers. The last thing we need is cause to coin the phrase “restaurant rage."
Because holding a gun transforms the carrier into a raging lunatic and you wouldn't want them to be angry.

Let's cover that again: Gun owners want to live in the wild west, check; gun owners act like children, check; gun owners are full of rage, check;

At least she didn't use the man-parts analogy.

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ASM826 said...

He did say that people would have to get used to it. And yes, I agree, it's always good to be polite to strangers. If your mama had raised you right, you's already know that.