Saturday, November 21, 2009

ACLU of Iowa asking about Atlantic strip search

I missed this last week: the Iowa chapter of the ACLU (whom I normally disagree with 99.9% of the time) is asking for more details from the Atlantic School District and how they are handling their staff discipline ACLU gets involved in Atlantic school strip-search case
ATLANTIC (WHNS) – The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa wants to know what disciplinary action was taken against the two high school staff members who were involved in the alleged strip search of female students in Atlantic.

The ACLU also has asked the Atlantic Community Schools to specify which employees were disciplined.

The request came in response to an Aug. 21 incident in which five Atlantic High students were asked to remove their clothes or partially disrobe while being searched by a guidance counselor.
The girls were accused of taking $100 and despite a state law barring strips searches at schools, a couple of idiots decided to ignore the law. The superintendent ruled it was okay, because "school policy" allows searches. The guy makes up other stuff, too:
Dan Crozier, superintendent of the Atlantic Community Schools, said two staff members had been disciplined in connection with the searches.

He did not name the employees or detail the disciplinary measures, citing confidentiality of personnel matters.

“There’s a law that says personnel files are personal,” said Crozier. “It’s like medical records.”
Medical records aren't as private as you may think.

The ACLU is asking questions and want to take names. I'd like the girls to be vindicated and the idiots who committed child abuse punished.

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