Thursday, November 12, 2009

Badger Guns 11/12/09

An late-breaking report of an October 7th incident at Badger Guns Felons Still Trying To Buy Guns At Badger Guns
On October 7, just a week after an incident in which an officer was shot with a gun traced back to Badger Guns, a man named Carlos Flores tried to buy a gun at the store, according to court documents. Flores has a domestic abuse injunction barring him from owning a gun.
Would the NICS check have uncovered the domestic abuse injunction and then stop the transaction?

We don't know, because an brave citizen turned the guy in.
An anonymous tipster notified the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department about the purchase, and deputies got in touch with Badger Guns. When Flores returned after the waiting period to obtain his gun, Badger Guns owner contacted police and Flores was arrested.
Could all of the venom directed toward Badger Guns be wrong? According to editorialists and the "civic leaders" of Milwaukee, Badger's was THE place to go for felons who didn't want to get caught.

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