Saturday, November 7, 2009

Atlantic School strip search update 11/7/09

Atlantic school conducted a strip search of high school girls last August BTR Atlantic school search and have finally produced a report which said "we aren't going to do anything about it". No action recommended in Atlantic strip-search
Officials at Atlantic High School have finished an investigation into an alleged illegal strip-search of several girls at the school, but they did not recommend any action be taken.
Assistant principal Paul Croghan ordered a counselor to search the girls and to check their bras. Earlier reports note that one girl was ordered to remove all of her clothing.
District officials now appear to be waiting for the girls and their lawyers to tell them what to do next.

"The investigation is complete," Atlantic Superintendent Dan Crozier said Monday. "Steps will be taken. We just have to see what the requests are."
I know what I'd be asking for.

But today they are reporting that disciplinary action is being taken against two employees but it could range from reassignment of duties to suspension and the school doesn't want to talk about it. Discipline levied in Atlantic strip-search caseMaybe a little jail time and sex-crime registry for these guys for a start.


straightarrow said...

Don't forget to get the superintendent in on the jail time and sex crime registry, he is obviously an accessory after the fact and a probable masturbator thinking about the strip search.

Atlantic, Ia. the city with the criminal police force, not surprised.

strandediniowa said...

I was with my father at a political caucus in 84 and he attempted to push on the platform for capital punishment for child molesters.

It didn't make it.

In 2000, I tried the same thing and it didn't take either.

I'm betting the parents of those girls would agree with me on this one.