Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a country without guns is like

Not really. It should read, "What a country without guns in the hands of citizens and only in the hands of military and criminals (but I repeat myself) is like", but I don't like long titles.

John B. Snow of Outdoor Life posts a correspondent's experience in Venezuela
Just got this report from a correspondent who was traveling for work in Chavez’s Venezuela. This is what a country without gun rights is like:

I got to look down the business end of multiple AK knockoffs in Venezuela last week. Chavez's army was stopping every car on the highway looking to confiscate guns. They saw my black Pelican case in the trunk, assumed it contained weapons, and made me open it at gunpoint. They were "nice" enough to let me keep my camera gear, but took my knife. They must have asked me 15 ways what the hell an American journalist was doing in Venezuela right now. I was there on a magazine assignment. They weren't buying it. So, keep up the good work on protecting our gun rights. The only people who have guns in Venezuela now are the army and the gun runners and kidnappers. And the red curtain is coming down fast.
Coming to a country near you.

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