Sunday, November 15, 2009

Iowa AG pushing for more gun control

Iowa's Attorney General Tom Miller seems to think making something illegal that is already illegal, will somehow make a difference. How could making an act that is already illegal more illegal do anything except pad on his resume?

'Gap' lets abusers possess weapons reporting:
Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has tried for years to persuade state lawmakers to approve a measure that would prohibit people convicted of domestic abuse from owning firearms.

This year, the proposal was supported by state and county associations of police and prosecutors, but was opposed by lobbyists for Iowa Gun Owners, Iowa Carry Inc. and the Iowa Sportsmen's Federation.

"Domestic violence homicides account for a major share of Iowa killings each year," Miller said at the beginning of the 2009 legislative session. "Most of the victims are killed by guns."
I would contend that the victims were killed by persons not the object they used. Miller doesn't seem to understand that inanimate objects cannot "do" something without an outside force.
Scott County special prosecutor Jim Ottesen said that in most states a victim can seek a protective order by demonstrating a reasonable fear, or a credible threat, of danger. But in Iowa, a person also must show evidence of a previous assault.
The reason behind this provision is so that one party cannot place an undue burden against the other party by vindictively claiming "abuse" and the person losing all gun rights. Accusations alone should not determine whether someone loses any of their rights.
"If someone is willing to violate a court order and go to jail, to me that is a pretty strong indication he shouldn't be trusted with firearms," Ottesen said.
I notice he uses "he" when perpetrators come from both sides, but let's not quibble.

And now some sanity:
Rep. Clel Baudler, a Greenfield Republican and member of the House Public Safety Committee, argues that if someone is willing to break the law by violating a no-contact order, creating another law to prohibit firearm possession won't help.

"If people are in a state of mind that they're going to kill someone, another law is not going to prevent that," Baudler said. "Everything that could be done to protect these victims of domestic abuse is already being done. At a certain point, they're going to have to protect themselves."

Baudler said Lynch Moore, an Iraq war veteran, could have taken advantage of gun laws and used one to protect herself from her husband when he attacked her last week.

"And what would have happened then? What would these advocates for domestic abuse victims - and they are very sincere - what would they have said then? Would they have said, 'Good job, young lady,' or would they have said, 'Oh, boohoo'
He probably could have left that last "boohoo" part out, but that's my opinion.

I'm sure in Tom Miller's World, an overzealous attorney wouldn't file a protective order unnecessarily, thereby destroying another person's right to firearms.


straightarrow said...

Miller sort of reminds me of a cat we have here at my house. She was in heat a couple of weeks ago and there were no feline takers anywhere around, so she kept rubbing her ass against the nose of the big yellow lab that has adopted us.

Miller strikes me exactly the same, "I'll do anything or anyone, if it makes me feel better."

The difference I would point out is that the cat has no moral compass, oops, maybe that isn't a difference at all. How about this? The cat has instincts it hasn't the mental power to resist. OOPS again, that's still not much difference is it?

You don't suppose Miller could be a self-absorbed pussy do you? I think I'm beginning to believe it.

strandediniowa said...

He doesn't stand up to the activist courts, he spent millions going after "big tobacco" (that the state squandered) and extorted Microsoft into giving $10 to every Windows user. All the while his buddy lawyers made millions in consulting fees.

He buts his nose into things when he wants to and has no business in, but runs away when work needs to be done.

Sounds like a brother-in-law of mine. Actually, more than one.

Thanks for the visual on your cat, SA and I'll agree with the analogy.