Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mexican panel wants gun control tighter in US

Robertsgunshop has a blog at The Des Moines Register, and his recent posting Group also wants overhaul of Mexican border agencies links to a Washington Post article about how the guns are flowing into Mexico and we need to stop anyone from purchasing a rocket launcher at gun shows.

While the formatting makes it hard to follow, he's right. But then the obligatory genitalia comparisons get posted in the comments.

And I thought Iowa had one of the best education systems in the country. Guess I was wrong.

Added Robertsgunshop to the blog list.


Crotalus said...

Do they really think that because they can push their illegal aliens on us, they think that they can dictate gun policy to us??

What gall!!!!

strandediniowa said...

With Obama bowing to every foreign leader, why wouldn't they expect anything different?