Sunday, November 15, 2009

More on Iowa Gun Owners

In my conversation with Aaron Dorr, Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners, we spoke about Iowa's Republican gubernatorial candidates and their responses to an IGO questionnaire that was sent to each (excepting Terry Brandstad).

Christian Fong did not repond but three other candidates did. Bob Vanderplaats, Chris Rants, and Jerry Behn all responded with "100%". My impression is that Aaron Dorr will hold all of the candidates' feet to the fire and hold them responsible for either their lack of responses or with responses not in IGO's favor.

We also talked about the upcoming legislative session and State Representative Kent Sorenson's willingness to fight to introduce legislation like HF596 . Sorenson bucked the Republican leadership to get this bill introduced and to a floor vote, although it did not pass (a tie vote). IGO is working to get the same bill introduced into the Iowa Senate in the upcoming session and to introduce a "castle doctrine" bill.

One point brought up was the risks of altering our state Constitution, as one Republican candidate suggested State pol calling for gun right amendment and my subsequent Exchange with Chris Rants. In Iowa, the long process of adding an amendment requires putting it to the voters. Since our state went to Obama last time around, that trust in the voters may not go our way. If it fails that vote and the public says "there is no right to firearms" in this state, "Where does that leave us?" Aaron asked.

Since organizing in January 2009, they've been able to grow in membership, introduce a "Vermont-style" carry bill into the state House to a tie vote and is becoming a force that candidates must reckon with.

From their "About Us" page on their website:
‘While many groups at the state and national level are content to argue over the crumbs given us by our state government IGO is NOT. We are not going to be happy with a small victory on the one hand while losing ground on the other. We are not going to make deals with the powers that be. We will never give one inch on your gun rights!’
That says it all for me.

I'm betting that gun-control legislation will be introduced very soon, since our Attorney General is calling for it Iowa AG pushing for more gun control and we are going to need all the help we can get to fight for us.

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straightarrow said...

Check out David Codrea's questionairre for political candidates. It is very good and is very telling in who does and who doesn't answer it and how they answer. IGO may very well find it useful. David offers it to anyone and everyone who wishes to use it. His email address is

strandediniowa said...

Thanks SA. I sent links to David's sites as well as the questionnaire to Aaron. And I emailed to David the IGO and Aaron's contact info.

It's a shame that I didn't have more time with Aaron. I would've liked to pick his brain a little more, but they were very busy talking with other people at the gun show.

But that's a good thing.