Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Make it more illegal

To reinforce Attorney General Tom Miller's idea of a perfect society Iowa AG pushing for more gun control The Des Moines Register is adding it's voice to the issue.

In an editorial One more way to protect abuse victims they prattle on about Randall Moore murdering his wife and how law enforcement did nothing to stop the guy. See When court order doesn't mean squat for more details of this piece of filth.
There is likely no law that can prevent a murder such as this one.
However, this case is a wake-up call for Iowa to take domestic abuse seriously.

And Iowa lawmakers have refused to do that.
Those lawmakers beholden to the dreaded NRA are shackled from doing anything. But Saint Tom will save the day!!
Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has repeatedly pushed the Legislature to pass a law that would prohibit people convicted of domestic abuse from owning firearms.
Please read that point again with "convicted" being the key word. Last time I had to fill out the form 4473 there was a check box if I was "convicted" of a domestic abuse crime. (I haven't been)
In Moore's case, the judge rightly ordered him to turn in firearms. And in Moore's case, even changing Iowa law, as the Attorney General has proposed, wouldn't have applied to Moore. He has never been convicted of domestic abuse.
That's right folks "never been convicted". Let's exploit a tragic event for political gain. A new law would not have done a thing if it was in force before this puke murdered his wife. But the legislature must pass something to prove Iowans "take domestic violence seriously".

How about locking up the scumbags? How about easing restrictions so that the abused can actually defend themselves without the hoops? Nope, they would rather pontificate than action.

In the era of "pass a law so it looks like we doing something without really doing something", my guess is that Mr Miller is looking towards the governorship.

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