Thursday, November 26, 2009

Somebody snitched

Looks like someone looked at my previous post FEMA now runs the country and emailed a link to them. I've been snitched on. Someone in the federal government works on Thanksgiving?

I had a conversation today with someone in the know from a community devastated by the flood of '08 [correction - I first labeled this '07, sorry]. Seems that arbitrary rules are the rule. One person in particular lost her home, a complete 100% loss. FEMA ruled that she and her neighbors receive no assistance. But FEMA is providing money to remove sediment from a park in the town so they can construct playground equipment for the kids. Nice sentiment if there were kids in town. If the homes cannot be rebuilt, that playground equipment would rust from lack of use.

Another ruling was that "temporary" housing would be discontinued this fall. Nearly all of these people had nowhere else to go, with rebuilding of their homes in limbo for over two years now [correction, year and a half]. Then FEMA changed their minds and allowed residents to stay but renters would have to pay between $500 and $600 per month for a trailer. They're now allowing residents to stay through spring.

If anyone took it upon themselves to save or rebuild their property, they are on the outs. I'm not a big fan of taking government money, because when you do, you gotta play by their rules.

The flood plain (necessary for flood insurance) and the levy system used to be the responsibility of the Corps of Engineers, but I wonder when these went under the purview of FEMA.

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