Thursday, November 5, 2009

Iowa Gun Owners alert 11/3/09

I got this in the mailbox a couple of days ago.
Besides promoting and working to pass the REAL Right-to-Carry bill in the upcoming session, Iowa Gun Owners is also working on repealing Iowa’s permit-to-purchase laws as well.

The permit-to-purchase law requires you to seek approval from the government, in the form of a government issued card, before you can purchase a handgun for self-defense. The criteria for this permit are similar to the criteria for a permit-to-carry: you can not be a felon, can not be addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can’t have a history of acts of violence, etc. Should you be approved for the permit, it is good for a period of one year.
It seems like they have the same opinion of Iowa's permit process as I do.

Go to Iowa Gun Owners 10/3/09 alert for the latest info on their legislative effforts and at some upcoming gun shows they plan to be at.

They plan to be at the following gun shows:
Nov. 6-7 in Altoona, held at the Adventureland Park (305 34th Ave NW), from 5-9pm on Friday to 9am-5pm on Saturday.

Nov. 13-14 in Cedar Rapids, held at the Hawkeye Downs Building #1 (4400 6th St SW) same times as above.

Dec. 11-12 in Waterloo, held in the McElroy Auditorium (257 Ansborough St) same times as above.

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