Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anti-gun democrats revive concealed carry bills

Traditionally anti-gun democrats at the state house have revived the NRA concealed carry bill on Tuesday. (Details here: IGO, Attack on REAL Right-to-Carry)
The proposal died early this month after failing to clear a “funnel” deadline for progress in the Legislature. However, it was revived this week by Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The new bill numbers are Senate File 2379 and House File 2528. Proposal to ease gun-permit process resurfaces
You can remind yourself of Gronstal from an earlier post, What Gronstal thinks of some Iowans
Gronstal said his decision was not the result of pressure from gun-rights lobbyists.
That's because Gronstal is an opportunistic, POS, politician, who wants to get re-elected and is not influenced in any way by a gun-rights group like Iowa Gun Owners. (See above post)

A key gun-control lobbyist chimed in:
Chris Rager, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, said his group continued to push for the proposal after it appeared to die earlier this month. He said the issue is about basic freedoms. “It isn’t a privilege to defend yourself and your family. It’s a right,” he said.
If one has to beg for a permit, I don't think this perfumed prince of Fairfax understands the word.

According to this putz, "It's a right," but you have to go to the sheriff, and get training, and pass tests, and pay an indeterminate fee, and be of a certain age group, and get fingerprinted and then ask again five years later.

But... "It's a right."

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