Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Police shoot dog, threaten neighbors

Ottumwa, IA police officer shoots a dog while it's on his (the dog's) owner's property. A crowd builds and grows angrier accusing the officer of shooting a non-aggressive dog. Other officer's arrive and threaten to arrest the neighbors.
“They’ve never done anything, then you come up and shoot this dog? I was mad,” she said. Olson [neighbor] accused police of being “out of control.”

Neighbors are mad about the shooting, but what happened next has them even angrier. They say [Officer] Vose’s supervisor, Sgt. Rick Jones, arrived and behaved aggressively toward the people who had gathered. Accounts from neighbors are consistent and say Jones repeatedly threatened to arrest anyone who did not go back into their homes.
Controversy over police shooting of dogThrow everyone in jail is the answer to everything.


Crotalus said...

At this point, why didn't the neighbors get their rifles and tell the cops to beat feet pronto?

straightarrow said...

I'm with Snake on this. They should have all returned to their homes and armed themselves. And then shoot any sonofabitch who came into to the neighborhood shooting indiscriminately while his associate threatens bystanders. Same goes for his associate.

strandediniowa said...

A group that was no doubt angry, but not enough to cross the line.

I've always regarded my dogs as companions, protectors and comrades. I would regard an attack against my dog as an attack against me.

On the other hand, anyone could shoot a cat and I wouldn't mind.

sa said...

I'm real funny about that shit. You come on my place and shoot things not yours, but mine, the only damn thing I owe you is a damn good killing.

Robert Fowler said...

Sounds to me like the PD needs a good house cleaning.

strandediniowa said...

Ottumwa needs a good house cleaning. Cops, judges, schools any one that has a government position should be removed from power there.

I lived there for a while and have relatives still there. It isn't one of my favorite places to be while sober.