Sunday, March 28, 2010

SF2379 Concealed carry bill update 3/27/10

Yesterday, the state senate introduced an amendment S5371 that failed along party lines. This would have given the state the Alaska type of carry we wanted and Sen. Hartsuch should be commended for the attempt. My senator, Sen. Kapucian, did vote for this amendment.
On the question “Shall amendment S–5371 be adopted?” (S.F. 2379), the vote was:
Yeas, 20:
Bartz, Hahn, Kapucian, Reynolds, Behn, Hamerlinck, Kettering, Rielly, Boettger, Hartsuch, McCoy, Seymour, Dandekar, Houser, McKinley, Wieck, Feenstra, Johnson, Noble, Zaun
Nays, 28:
Appel, Dotzler, Horn, Schmitz, Beall, Dvorsky, Jochum, Schoenjahn, Black, Gronstal, Kibbie, Seng, Bolkcom, Hancock, Kreiman, Sodders, Courtney, Hatch, Olive, Stewart, Danielson, Heckroth, Quirmbach, Ward, Dearden, Hogg, Ragan, Wilhelm
Absent, 2:
Fraise, Warnstadt

The final senate vote for the bill:
On the question “Shall the bill pass?” (S.F. 2379), the vote was:
Yeas, 44:
Appel, Feenstra, Kapucian, Rielly, Bartz, Gronstal, Kettering, Schmitz, Beall, Hahn, Kibbie, Schoenjahn, Behn, Hamerlinck, Kreiman, Seng, Black, Hancock, McCoy, Seymour, Boettger, Hartsuch, McKinley, Sodders, Courtney, Heckroth, Noble, Stewart, Dandekar, Hogg, Olive, Ward, Danielson, Horn, Quirmbach, Wieck, Dearden, Houser, Ragan, Wilhelm, Dotzler, Johnson, Reynolds, Zaun,
Nays, 4:
Bolkcom, Dvorsky, Hatch, Jochum
Absent, 2:
Fraise, Warnstadt
Many traditionally anti-gun politicians were among those voting in favor of this bill. It was sent to the house where it looks like they will consider it on Monday.

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