Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tom Miller: repeats the 111 gun deaths

Iowa attorney general Tom Miller repeats the 111 gun deaths in domestic abuse events in his plea to pass the Disarm Iowans bill.
This bill will save lives. It will help prevent women, men and children from being terrorized, maimed and killed by violent abusers. More than half of Iowans killed in domestic abuse murders since 1995 (111 of 205) were killed by firearms. Pass firearm bill to keep Iowans safer
How many of these deaths were committed before a restraining order was set? - Don't know.

How many of these deaths would have been prevented if this new bill would be in effect? - Don't know.

How many of these deaths are the direct result of a person defending themselves against an abuser? - Don't know.

We don't know because no one has a chance to dig deeper and go beyond the rhetoric.

"This bill will save lives" - the tragic part of this whole mess is that someone intent on harm is not going to worry about what law is on the books. If a firearm is not available, then they could use a knife, club, or the always subtle poison.

Oh, and this bill is constitutional [sic] because Tom Miller says so.

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