Sunday, March 14, 2010

The NRA should be kicked out of Iowa

I think many of us would agree that the NRA has good programs like Eddie Eagle and their efforts to involve more women can be commended. But for them to represent themselves as 2nd Amendment group puts them in a lie.

Found at Iowa House bans guns after domestic abuse convictions, According to a lobbyist for Commission on the Status of Women, Rachel Scott, Tom Miller's attorney general's office worked with the NRA so that S.F. 2357 could get passed. The NRA lobbyist gave an "undecided" response, which means they submitted their "I don't care" view on this bill that removes due process in Iowa and sat on their hands.

If true, they are in collusion with a government agency to confiscate guns from people.

Without due process.

With only an accusation.

The NRA is a gun control group. Period.


straightarrow said...

Simply put, if the problem is solved NRA doesn't get to send thos "Send more money letters, this job is lasting longer than we thought". Therefore they do all they can to perpetuate the problem while defrauding their members and betraying their country. LaPierre is a traitorous bastard.

strandediniowa said...

They are the problem.

IowaCarry and Iowa Gun Owners, even with this personality problems we have, know this state and these NRA pukes come in and act like they know what we want.

The NRA offers promises and delivers compromises.

They are a political organization, first and a 2nd Amendment supporter second.