Monday, March 8, 2010

What is and is to come

Borepatch reveals the evil that is Massachusetts' gun control:
In Massachusetts, anyone who does not have a valid Firearm ID (FID) card or License to Carry (LTC), and who possesses empty (expended) cartridge cases is in violation of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 269, Section 10(h)(1). This is a felony, punishable by not more than 2 years in prison or a fine not to exceed $500.

Not for having live ammunition, which might almost make sense. For having ammunition components. It might even make sense if it were unexpended ammunition components: bullets, primers, propellant. But the "common sense" law on the books goes further, to include expended (and therefore harmless) bits like shell casings. Common Sense Gun Control
And Mike Vanderboegh gives us a glimpse of the evil that awaits us:
Doubling down on disaster, Lindsey Gramnesty and Chuck "Shithead" Schumer, have decided to make us all get biometric cards in order to insure that we won't get "another wave" of illegals. What about the last five waves they've done nothing about? I know some of you libertarians are all for open borders and don't mind amnesty, but is THIS what you had in mind?!? My old pastor would say, "Here comes the mark of the beast." How Lindsey Gramnesty and Shithead Schumer intend to sell us amnesty.
Growing up, we raised cattle. Not a large herd, but enough to keep us busy. We identified the cows according to who owned them with ear tags.

Is this what they have in mind?

National ID Information


Borepatch said...

Love the picture.

And look at what was used to justify a massively intrusive national ID card in the UK.

strandediniowa said...

I just stumbled across that, Borepatch.

UK, where they have like 4 cameras per person now?