Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Does Stranded hate women?

With all of my criticism of SF2357, it was pointed out to me: "You must hate women."

I would like to point out a few things. I have a lot of respect for women. My mother raised 11 kids (that's right eleven). I watched my wife give birth to a 9 pound 6 ounce son with no anesthetic. True women are the tough, no-nonsense get-the-job-done with a tender-touch of the species.

Although there are some I despise (Nancy Pelosi) and some I really can't stand to be around very long (a sister or two), I don't hate women.

I gave my wife a pistol for Valentine's Day a few years ago. I don't know what says "I Love You" better than "Please protect yourself."

Which brings me to this incident that occurred years ago: A local "womens' group" was collecting old cell phones to give to battered women so they could call 911 if a former spouse or boyfriend showed up. My suggestion was to offer the group money if they would provide firearms and training to these women. Their reply was shock, horror, and a rejection to my idea. My response was that they really weren't interested in protecting women. It went downhill from there.

I've known women that have been on the receiving end of abusive relationships and in situations where the guy didn't quite "get it" when she left. The only thing that thugs recognize is force, either by her or by friends.

I also lost a friend a year ago when her ex strangled her and then burned the house in a botched attempt to cover up his crime.

What's attorney general Tom Miller say to her family then? No gun was involved.

He and these "anti-violence" groups don't realize that a piece of paper doesn't stop crime. If someone is intent on committing an act of violence, they will find a means to that end, regardless of the tool involved. Gun, knife, hands, gasoline...

The will and the means to stand up to these pukes will stop the violence. Especially when a few of these thugs are removed from the gene pool.


straightarrow said...

any man who truly loves or even likes women (I am one) wishes them all to be armed with the tools that are most effective at protecting them. As of this date, that is a gun. I think every woman above the age of puberty should either have a gun or a mother who has a gun and keeps her eye on her daughter.

One of my sons once asked me, "Dad, why do all the women seem to like you? I am way younger than you, better looking (true), and single, but even girls my age flirt with you and won't even give me the time of day, why?"

My answer was simple. "Son, they know I don't want to take anything from them, that I won't hurt them or lie or manipulate them. And that I truly like them." Now,that I am so old and beat up that kind of thing is only a fond memory, but it is true. A man who means them no harm has no reason to fear their having a gun. A man who does mean them harm will always search for the women who are at a disadvantage.

We have reached this point because women have traditionally been at a disadvantage and men, real men, believe we should protect them. Unfortunately not all women are honest, especially after consulting a divorce attorney. So in true knee-jerk fashion all men so accused, or not even accused, just served with a no contact order, are routinely denied any semblance of due process and fair treatment.

One need not hate women to hate injustice.

Anonymous said...

"I've known women that have been on the receiving end of abusive relationships and in situations where the guy didn't quite "get it" when she left. The only thing that thugs recognize is force, either by her or by friends."

Been there on that one. One of my sisters had a husband that kept hitting her. It was only when my brother and I pulled him aside and told him that if he did it again, they'd never find his body. He got the message.

BTW, anyone breaking into my home when my wife is there alone will get shot either by a 12 Ga w/ #2 shot, or by a 40 S&W. If you really piss her off, maybe both. Her Daddy taught her to shoot when she was a little girl and she's a deadly shot.

And we don't care how upset anyone else gets when we say we are prepared to use deadly force to protect our home.