Sunday, March 28, 2010

I thought amendments are supposed to make bills better

Where do I start regarding Amendment H8619 for the house bill HF2528? The bill that the Iowa ACLU is against.

Section 724.4, Subsection 4
Paragraph a. It rewords how a person carries on their own property as only "for any lawful purpose". How is that defined?

Paragraph f. strikes the ability to transport a handgun

Paragraph g. no longer able to carry at a range
Section 724.9 strikes the "only one" requirement to get a certificate of training completion.

Section 724.11 strikes the training renewal waiver, making it possible to have to re-train in order to renew your permit.

But there is reciprocity and a permit is for 5 years.

Remember, NRA lobbyist Rager said this is how your "right" to carry is defined.

(Update and clarification) Further reading of this amendment would strike the concealed carry provisions, but still allow the permit process for reciprocity with other states. If taking out the carrying portion of the bill, then maybe my criticism/concerns with paragraph f. above needs to be re-thought. Could it be similar to other states where having a loaded weapon in your vehicle is legal?

This is a mess when states define what a person can do legally and defining what your rights are.

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