Friday, March 5, 2010

SF2357 passed House committee

SF2357 passed in the state house with an amendment H8350

I'll call it the "Only Ones" exemption:
b. This subsection shall not apply to the possession, shipment, transportation, or receipt of a firearm, offensive weapon, or ammunition issued by a state department or agency or political subdivision for use in the performance of the official duties of the person who is the subject of a protective order under U.S.C. { 922(g)(8).
If you are an "official" something-or-rather and possess a firearm issued by the state (private firearms would still have to be turned in apparently), this law wouldn't apply to you while in the performance of your official duties.

In other words, if you are a LEO and beat up your wife, you can still hold your job.

Don't start about "innocent until proven guilty" in defense of LEO's because this law isn't about due process. If this is to apply to the common serf, then it better apply to a law enforcement officer.

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straightarrow said...

Well, it appears that the Iowa legislature has just told women and children that if you are abused by a father or husband who is a law enforcement officer, he must be killed to stop him, because we value his availability to carry out our orders more than we do justice or your lives. Therefore we will not stop him, as long as he does our bidding.

Hey, that works for me. I have long realized that only extralegal actions can achieve justice against an criminal LEO.