Sunday, March 21, 2010

The political class is listening?

The lawyer advocating a group home in a Fargo neighborhood for convicts on probation and sex offenders wants police protection at a meeting Monday when he asks for the proposal to be reconsidered.
This bozo is pushing a group home for perverts and the neighbors don't what it. He keeps pushing and the neighbors may well push back (or at least imply that something might happen).
Ritchie was traveling Friday and could not be reached for comment. In a letter he wrote appealing the denied permit, he asked for police protection at Monday’s City Commission meeting.

“We make this request because those present used rhetoric relating to people having guns and words to the effect that there would be ‘people shooting first and asking questions late, and sure as h—- someone was going to get killed …,” Ritchie wrote, referring to comments last month before the Planning Commission.
The citizens have told him to peddle his snake oil somewhere else and he isn't getting the message. Now he wants police protection to be heard.

Lawyer seeks police guard

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