Monday, March 8, 2010

Maid-Rites are made wrong

At least according to the state.
An iconic Marshalltown restaurant, Taylor's Maid Rite [sic], may be forced to close its doors after the state takes issue with the way it has prepared meat for the past 80 years.

The restaurant opened in 1928 and has been booming ever since.

Three years ago, the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals said it needed to change the way it prepared meat.State Orders 80-Year-Old Iconic Restaurant To Change
Maid-Rites are a prolific little restaurant in Iowa with several of these mom and pop restaurants throughout the midwest. There are less of them now than when I was a kid and looks like another business will bite the dust.

Because the state knows better than everyone else and they have the force of law behind them.

Whenever the neighbor and I go to the Marshalltown gun show we stop off at Tama's Maid-Rite for one of these greasy, tasty, beauties and a piece of pie. It's a tradition that has continued for years with us and part of the reason we make the trip.

I'll make a trip to one this weekend before the state shuts them all down.

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