Friday, January 7, 2011

Businesses that want to post signs to prevent someone from carrying a weapon

I still haven't figured out how a sign prevents anyone from doing anything, but the editors at the Des Moines Register want the legislature to clarify whether businesses have the right to keep people from carrying on their premises. (With a dose of hoplophobic attitude, BTW)

All private citizens have the right to discriminate against another on their private property. I have no right to tell them otherwise.

But these same bed-wetters were screaming for the legislature to ban smoking in businesses under force of law. A clear violation of private property rights. I'm not sure of the Register's stance on forcing gas stations to sell ethanol. A law that corn growers have been trying to force onto private business owners for years. (After one legislator gave a speech promoting that law, I asked him when was he going to force all restaurants to sell pork? Even at a kosher deli? He couldn't understand the connection.)

If a business doesn't want to sell a product to me because they don't like the cut of my jib, then I can spend my money elsewhere.

I've got my rights, too.

And what seems to be missing is that there have been thousands of concealed carrying gun owners walking into their stores and offices and no one ever cared otherwise. January 1st must have been some magical day that I missed out on where gun owners have become "one twitch" away from blowing some poor innocent citizen away.

Because carrying a weapon turns you into either a cold-blooded killer or an bumbling fool who might accidentally shoot someone.

I know this because the Register wrote it and those editors are way smarter than I am.


Bawb said...

Ah, the Register. Good ol' Prairie Pravda.

If they want to ensure safety, why not advocate that places prohibiting concealed carry should have to sign a waiver stating that they are solely responsible, physically and financially, for your personal safety while there and will be held liable for any injuries or losses incurred which could have been prevented with your concealed weapon.

strandediniowa said...

In a sense, "Prairie Pravda" (outstanding moniker, BTW) are promoting businesses to reduce their economic activity. In doing so, businesses would lose revenue (arguably have no idea how much), but if the OpenCarry message board is any indication, Blain's Farm and Fleet is feeling the heat in Wisconsin. In Iowa, this could be a large amount if 30 to 50 thousand gun owners in the state follow along.

But I doubt if that many would.

I'm compiling a list of those businesses in my own micro-micro-economic activity and will make personal decisions just as the business owners have.

Because I'm a cheap-skate, tightwad, skinflint, etc, my impact would be minimal.