Monday, January 10, 2011

What's wrong with this statement?

From Gun measure prompts response
While state law gives individuals the right to carry firearms, the city can limit where those firearms can be carried, according to [Keokuk] Mayor Tom Marion, the former city attorney. As for himself, he said he is not sure anymore where he stands on the latter issue.


Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

State law may "give" the right to keep and bear arms, but that's in direct contradiction of the Bill of Rights, specifically the 2A, which tells government the rights do not come from government, but are independent of government, and they may not interfere with them. In other words, the Bill of Rights is a restraining order of sorts against the government. States violate this restraining order at will.

Ben said...

To put it another way: Rights are endowed by our Creator, not any law.

strandediniowa said...

You guys nailed it. It was pretty obvious.

What's also interesting is that the mayor is an attorney (not that they know much about Constitutional law) and he's not quite sure where he stands on following the state code.

To those who think that the state gives rights, my reply is always the paraphrase: what the state giveth, the state taketh away.