Monday, November 23, 2009

Follow the rules

Our neighbors to the west in Omaha had two off-duty officer related shootings this past weekend. One looks like he was in defense of his life. The other, doesn't appear to be that way. He shot at a SUV while it sped away from him. Chief: Gun rules must be followed
Omaha police must both protect the public and follow the rules that govern officers’ use of their weapons, Acting Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes said today after a weekend in which two officers fired at suspects in less than 48 hours.
This "officer" was working as a bouncer at a bar and fired at a vehicle while it sped away from him. Nothing about how his or anyone else's life was in danger.

My question is: does an officer while not on official duty, have the same immunities as if he/she were on duty? If a mere citizen bouncer had fired into traffic at a fleeing SUV, would they be afforded the same consideration? Absolutely not. If an officer is at their second job, they are acting as a private citizen at that moment in time, not as an officer. They cannot be serving two masters at the same time.

This idiot should be treated like anyone else, be sitting in a jail cell and not on "administrative leave".


Crotalus said...

" sitting in a jail cell and not..."

Yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen. On or off duty, he's an extra special "Only One'. The rules do not apply.

straightarrow said...

I have lived almost everywhere in this nation at one time or another. I lived for several years in Omaha before moving to Iowa, before moving here. I have lived ocean to ocean and border to border and I can say without any reservation that Omaha has the worst police department I have ever seen.

strandediniowa said...

Crotalus, in an ideal world, there would be consequences. But not there and I won't hold my breath.

SA, I've only spent no more than a few days at a time in Omaha and never "lived" there.

For a small county sheriff's department, I'd put Louisa at the top of my list for worst department in Iowa.