Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jim Gibbons files to run for Congress

Former Iowa State wrestler and coach filed papers today to run for Congress in Iowa's 3rd district. Former ISU wrestling coach runs for Congress
He said he’s applying his background in coaching to his campaign — focusing on fundamentals like raising money and building up his campaign team. He notes that his coaching background has taught him how to motivate people and his financial services experience means he knows how to reach and talk to donors and other supporters. He also has TV experience, as a commentator for ESPN, among others.

“Excessive government spending” is the issue he points to as a priority, although he’s not ready to talk about what federal programs he would cut. He’s a critic of the federal stimulus bill as failing to create or sustain jobs, and he opposes cap and trade.
I live in the 3rd district, currently served by Leonard Boswell who should have retired years ago.


Anonymous said...

Jim Gibbons, who leaves his clients in a lurch yet again (this is the 4th investment firm he has been with since he left coaching…) by many measures is clearly not the best candidate to run against Boswell that the Republicans can come up with. I believe he will quickly be relegated to the 2nd tier of candidates for this office along with Dave Funk (who might of self destructed his own campaign with a poor interview with on November 17 where among other gaffs the former flat taxer introduced a new Project Destiny like consumption tax as a part of his tax policy).

It is not surprising Gibbons announced yesterday with NO website, no way to contact him, no way to donate, and no way to volunteer for his campaign. This is clearly the work of a rookie campaign, which does not bode well.

Clearly, this race needs an experienced candidate with outstanding conservative credentials. This development makes it even more important that a top tier candidate like Senator Brad Zaun, with great metro popularity, a tested message, a very experienced campaign team, and a firm record in the party will enter the race.

strandediniowa said...


Copying your post from the Register? Bad form. Try a little originality.

Gibbons coming in without a website, a way to donate, etc... you probably aren't going to work for him or donate to him. So what do you care? It's not how you start, it's how you finish that counts, anyway.

If your endorsement for Zaun includes "great metro popularity" and "firm record" plays like he's in the Doug Gross camp. If true, count me out on Zaun. I'd personally rather have non "professional" politicians hold more offices.

As someone who thought Gibbons got the short end of the stick at ISU, I thought his entry in the race was interesting, not an endorsement from the BTR editorial board.

But with your comment about Zaun, maybe I'll be leaning towards Gibbons and find out where to send my contribution and volunteer.