Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventures in moving

#1 son is now a college undergrad (officially). He's attending UNI and is part of their marching band which gave us a chance to move a couple of days early.

Loaded up the pickup this morning with more supplies than Hannibal needed crossing the Alps. Channeling Murphy, I announced, "Be prepared, something will go wrong."

About 15 minutes behind "schedule" we stopped to get gas (getting gas was part of the schedule) and forgot the hand truck, but discovered this before we left town. Now about 20 minutes behind schedule.

Ten miles down the road #1 son forgot to pack an important requirement, returned home. Now 40 minutes behind schedule.

We had planned over an hour fifteen minutes of leeway, so we arrived with about 40 minutes before the deadline to register for band.

Son then sent to another building to pick up uniform from an understaffed but friendly group of kids. I and Mrs. Stranded decided to wait. (My impatient spouse never understood the concept of "hurry up and wait"). So, she was assigned tasks like paying the bill and asking directions of total strangers. Chauvinist and patient me waited under a shade tree near the pack horse along with #2 son.

After an hour standing in line for uniforms, #1 returned at about the same time as the Mrs. and we parked in front of the dorm. On the opposite side of his room. Discovering a broken elevator. With the expectation of 8 and a half tons of school supplies, snacks, frig, microwave, bike, clothes, a game system (he snuck that in) to be shlepped up to the third floor.

I thought working on the roof got me in a little better shape. I found out just how little that helped.

Finished unloading at about 12:00 noon but not enough time to run over to the book store before he had to be back for a meeting at the UNI-dome.

Hugs from mom and money from dad and a ride to the dome.

Last minute advice from the old man "Don't blow this opportunity" was received with a reserved sigh.

Many people have a low expectation of him and he's out to prove people wrong - a family trait. I expect both sons to be better men than me and #1 is embarking to prove me right.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

That drive home after you say good-bye is tough.

strandediniowa said...

We had to rush back to get #2 to band practice, and was receiving emails on my blackberry all day from work. (Practicing safe driving, I dictated to the Mrs.) All concerning an upgrade Wednesday.

But now...

Thanks alot, Sam. ;-)