Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Between Two Rivers Anniversary Special

Good evening everyone. Tonight we are celebrating my first year as a blog. Coming to you in front of a studio audience (my dog) from the Two Rivers Lodge, located at the Dead End of Dreams Way. I actually have two dates as an anniversary because I first posted on 8/31 but no one had access until 9/1 as my account was locked for some reason. (Thanks, Google)

I've appreciated all of your kind words that many of our fellow internet wanderers have left over the past year. Others have not been so kind. That's cool, but please hold off the booing until I write something really stupid. That would be in 3, 2, 1...

I find it remarkable that I've gained an audience of a few regular readers. Because, frankly, I'm known as a "killjoy," a regular Buzz Killington. One entry from me in the blog comments or on a message board and it's over faster than Mel Gibson's career. (Too soon?)

This blog thing started after I sent a few words off to David Codrea at War on Guns. He asked if I had posted it anywhere and my reply was, "Sorry, David. I'm a lazy bum who likes to have others take the heat for posting a brilliant essay." Then I realized I shouldn't leave the work to others, so I started Between Two Rivers and the quality has been going downhill ever since.

My purpose here has been to gather news from around the state and the Midwest, and post on things that I find interesting in hopes that others would be interested too. I'll put the link on there for you to head over to make sure I got it right and so that you can read the whole thing. I concentrate on Gun Rights, but I dabble in pointing out the idiots that run our state, our counties, cities and schools. And our state is a target rich environment for easy pickings.

Remember, picking out a few choice quotes from a source and adding some pithy comments, is really about all I do. Come to think of it, that's what most bloggers do, except I don't write from my mom's basement.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to my first guests. One is the current governor, Chester Culver, and the other is like Pepsi "Throwback." He reminds you of something you left behind years ago and it's close, but it isn't quite the same as what you have now. Former Governor Terry Branstad:

Those guys should go on tour together. Am I right?

And now, on to our mail bag. "Mary" (not her real name) from somewhere, writes:
"Who are you and why do you feel stranded in Iowa? I bet you're not even from this state."
Mary, I was born in Burlington and grew up in SE Iowa living in Louisa, Des Moines, Wapello, Johnson, Iowa and Jasper counties while working in those counties plus: Lucas, Henry, Lee, Story and Linn counties. Not necessarily in that order. These are just places where I've lived, learned and loved. And shed my blood and sweat to provide for my family.

I've earned that moniker.

Regarding my visitors, I've had a few trolls like a guy with three personae arguing for and against what I said about the NRA. And then there's the crazy Canuk.

But for the most part, I appreciate everyone who stops by who is willing to view this place with an open mind and maybe learn something along the way. Everyone is welcome to drop a line (so long as it's in good taste), and contribute to the comments. Argue if you will, but only about the subjects, unless, of course, you are insulting politicians. Those are always welcome.

And I'm going to miss Straightarrow.

I would like to extend all my thanks to new friends that I've met on these pages and if any of you have linked to me, I hope I've reciprocated to you on the sidebar. If I've neglected that duty, please let me know.

You have made a tired, middle-aged, balding, cynical man, a little better by coming around.

To all of you, I give my thanks, good night and may God bless you.


Cashner said...

Congrats on one year down! I hope to be reading your blog for many more years to come. It's one site that I check out everyday. Your hard work is appreciated.

Borepatch said...

Congratulations! The first year is the hardest.

BTW, Mom Borepatch was born in SE Iowa. I hear all the best people come from there.

Anonymous said...

Great video

Alternative title:

Governor vs Governor

No Matter Who Wins, We Lose!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Congrats, and Happy Blogiversary! Many Happy Returns!

Jeffersonian said...


strandediniowa said...

Thanks everyone.

The best part of all this is that I've met some good people like you all. Someday I hope to meet face to face - (I could sure use some help on my roof. -cough, cough-) That way you can say, "Oh, that's what Stranded looks like. Now I know why tigers eat their young."

Borepatch: Your mom's from around here? Cool. "...all the best people come from there. [SE Iowa]" - you certainly haven't met the rest of my family. Ba Da boom

That's what makes this worthwhile. That we all are unique but yet have things in common. And not just in political views.

After disregarding the governor's race, this fall looks to be very interesting here in Iowa and I'll do my best to be a part of it.

Thanks, again for your encouragement.

Fits said...

Kudos. And I miss old Straight too.